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ServerThe Sha'tar
Dagger and Totem

Dagger and Totem are a pariah Clan, lead by a runt of an orc and several other misfits. They mostly work alongside the Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle and Argents to bring about a better future for Azeroth. They work out of hidden bases in Eastern Kingdoms, hiding from the Horde war effort.

Out of character we mostly run retro-raids, kill rares, and mess with homophobes.

If you're here for recruitment, then check our Recruitment forum for everything you need to know. If you're an existing member, then please register under the name of your in-game character. And if you want a guaranteed way to get in touch with the guild leader, check the guild tumblr.

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Autumn 2015
06/10/2015 07:38 PM by Ursala


The Autumn 2015 meetup was a success, and it was good to see you all again! The next meetup will be at New Year 2015/16, and the relevant people should be receiving messages regarding arrangements soon.

I also revamped the Sha'tar Wiki page for the guild today. The old version of the page can still be found here.

If you want to keep up to date on all things Dagger and Totem, follow our blog on Tumblr.



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